Days of the Living Christ Vol. 1 (Hard Cover Book) by W. Cleon Skousen


Days of the Living Christ Vol. 1 (Hard Cover Book) by W. Cleon Skousen
Many wonderful and inspirational surprises lie within the covers of this book and its companion, Volume, 2. Twenty-five years ago, Dr. Skousen had concluded that just about everything connected with the life and mission of Jesus Christ had been written.

Then he began to find some scriptural treasures that had been missed. Before long he was deep into a comprehensive study of the life and mission of the Savior that finally culminated in these two volumes.

Dr. Skousen has always tried to write his books so that the scriptures come alive for the modern reader. He has followed the same pattern in these two books, and for many New Testament students it is believed these two volumes will provide a new dynamic, three-dimensional appreciation of the Savior and those who labored with Him.

At the same time the reader will grasp a new conception of the love Jesus had for the Jewish people. Because of their loyalty during the war in heaven and their valiant performance during the pre-existence, He chose them to help Him through His ordeal in order to provide a redemptive sacrifice for all mankind.

After Peter told the Jews that Jesus ws not an imposter, but that they had assented to His death in ignorance, he invited them to repent and enter the waters of baptism. Once the Jews understood that they had played a necessary part in a divine plan - and could be forgiven for their mistake - they became Christians by the thousands.

The reader will also discover a whole new scriptural basis for Peter's denial of the Christ. These are just samples of the treasures that lie within the scriptures and which come to light as one reads The Days of the Living Christ.
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