Remembering Salt Lake City (Soft Cover Book) by Jeff Burkbank


Remembering Salt Lake City (Soft Cover Book) by Jeff Burkbank
Founded by Mormon pioneers seeking a place to practice their religion, Salt Lake City became a center of regional commerce, fueled by mining and the completion of the Union Pacific and local railroads. It ultimately attracted residents from all parts of Europe, as well as Mexico, China, and Japan.

With a selection of fine historic images from his best-selling book, Historic Photos of Salt Lake City, Jeff Burbank provides a valuable and revealing historical retrospective on the growth and development of Salt Lake City. Remembering Salt Lake City captures the story of this unique community through still photography selected from the finest collections, a visual record of the city's history presented in striking black-and-white photographs.

From the building of the magnificent Mormon Temple and Tabernacle to the establishment of America's first American ball teams, this book tells a visual story of a unique American city.
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