Charles C. Rich DVD Library


Charles C. Rich DVD Library

Apostle and colonizer Charles C. Rich witnessed important events in Latter-day Saint history: Joseph Smith's presidential campaign; the building of the Kirtland (Ohio), Nauvoo (Illinois), and Logan (Utah) temples; and the settlement of San Bernardino (California) and Bear Lake Valley (Idaho). Rich's experiences enable readers to explore early LDS Church history and the settlement of the West.

The DVD-ROM includes PDF and JPEG files of:

  • scanned documents of all the Rich papers from Selected Collections from the Archives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
  • biographies of Rich by Leanord J. Arrington and John Henry Evans,
  • autobiographical and biographical sketches of Rich's wives and children written by family members,
  • all known speeches given by Rich,
  • a chronology of Rich's life with links to his original letters and journals, and
  • photographs of Rich, his wives, and his children.

    This publication unites original documents and published sources with family histories, thus creating a remarkable tool for family members and research historians.

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