The Fire of Faith: The Memories of John H. Groberg (Soft Cover Book)


The Fire of Faith: The Memories of John H. Groberg (Soft Cover Book)
In The Other Side of Heaven, Elder John H. Groberg told the gripping story of his three-year mission on the tropical islands of Tonga. His story continues with The Fire of Faith, set a decade after his release when Elder Groberg is called back to Tonga-this time with a growing family-to serve as mission president.

Like the earlier volume, this book is filled with experiences among a faithful people. Here we read of the young man who calmly endured a terrible beating from his brother rather than remain unbaptized; the excitement and joy of the first Tongan group to attend the New Zealand Temple; the faithful Saints and their long-delayed chapel dedication; examples of the love shared by Tongan family members; the inspiration that led to the fiftieth Tongan anniversary jubilee; the work of highly dedicated missionaries; the organization of the first stake in Tonga; miracles of faith; and much, much more.

And always there is the sea, the only pathway between the islands-the perilous ocean that often denies access to the desired shore after a long journey. But faith somehow always wins the day. The Fire of Faith is a compelling story, one that extends beyond Elder Groberg's life as a mission president and into his continued service throughout the Pacific Islands.
Soft Cover.
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